PRESS RELEASE: Independence referendum will be self-financed



 VENICE                                                                                            June 10th, 2013


pasque veronesi 2VENICE – In reply to objections and criticism of a handful of opponents to the scheduled referendum for the independence of the Northern region of Veneto from the rest of Italy, its promoters have announced an unprecedented initiative: a self-financed referendum vote.

“It will be too expensive!”, “it’s a waste of time”, “it’s legally impossible”, “it’s culturally wrong” thundered some of the Italian opponents of the referendum, faced with the fact that on June 27th, in a extraordinary session, the Regional Council is almost certain to set the referendum date for October 6th of this year.

To calm such confused and ill-informed reactions, Lodovico Pizzati, Chairperson of Indipendenza Veneta (Venet Independence) the movement who has been promoting and lobbying for the U.N. sanctioned right of self-determination of the Venet people, made a shock announcement: “We will pay for it out of our own pockets!”.

pizzati ospedaletto
Lodovico Pizzati

The cost of the referendum, explains Lodovico Pizzati, is not 20 million euros as alleged by the opponents of the right to vote. “Last autumn the President of the Regional Council of Veneto has explained that costs will not exceed 2 million euros. Plus, we are ready to self-finance the referendum, since for many of our businessmen and entrepreneurs gaining independence is equivalent to investing in a future of health and strength for our factories and our labour-force. We have many donors who have pledge contributions for a 1 million euro fund exclusively set up for this.”

The estimated cost of the referendum is equivalent to 50 cents per voter in Veneto but, in reaction to this criticism, many Venets have already written in blogs and to newspapers, offering to contribute personally and willing to donate from 1 € each to 20 € and more in order to finance the Referendum, if necessary. Others have volunteered for unpaid poll-work, which would cut greatly electoral costs.

“Asking citizens to determine their own fate cannot be considered a waste of time under any circumstances – explained the Chairperson of Indipendenza Veneta – the real and urgent issue here is serious unemployment and the suicides of workers and factory owners alike due to the Italian crisis.” But, says professor of economics and former World Bank consultant Lodovico Pizzati, since decisional power is delegated to the Parliament in Rome, unwilling to reduce fiscal pressure, “there’s no way out except regaining our independent State“.

Lawmakers and constitutionalists have already confirmed it is not forbidden to hold such referendum, says Indipendenza Veneta International Affairs Office: “On June 27th the Regional Council is not going to declare independence, it is simply deciding to ask citizens their opinion on their right of self-determination.”

“It is not culturally wrong,” concludes Pizzati, “we want a Venetia open to the world, integrated into Europe. Two thirds of European countries have as many citizens as the Veneto region – such as Denmark, Finland, Austria, not to speak of Slovenia or the Baltic countries, who all have more representatives in the European Parliament than us Venets.

We want a virtuous, serene and generous Venetia. Now it’s the citizens turn to speak up.”



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  1. I am surprised about the plans for a independence referendum in Veneto, not because I do not approve it (I do approve!) but because the German and English speaking media have suppressed news about this quite well (in contrast to the Catalonian and Scottish independence movements).

    I wonder if Leopold Kohr’s “Breakup of Nations” is well known to your movement? If you read him, you will find that movements like yours are not anti-European, but may even stabilize an European Federation, whereas oversized countries like Italy, Germany or France tend to create instability, both through their failures and successes.

    And I hope (and will try to find out) that your movement proves to be not as authoritarian, racist and finally corrupt as the disappointing Lega Nord movement – otherwise the cause of freedom for European regions, damaged by the Lega, might be lost for good.

    1. Thank you for confirming what I understood with my limited Italian from your website and the program PDF from May 2013. I tend to be careful due to the things I heard about the Lega Nord movement from the news and Italian friends & contacts. I wish you all success with the October referendum!

  2. It ‘a shame ask for money at the Venetian people, when in the past few decades, the Venetians paid to Rome, tens of billions of euro in taxes, never returned to the territory.
    That’s why independence. The Venetians are fed up of Italian criminal governments, which in recent decades have brought Italy to an economic disaster irreversible and unfair to the Venetians, who do not deserve such misery caused by other Italian regions.
    The Venetians are not and can never be Italian, is like asking a German citizen, to assimilate the culture of the peoples of North Africa. For each people its own culture. Unfortunately, in Veneto, there are politicians from southern Italy, aware that any independence of Veneto, produce poverty in their regions of origin, which is why they are against the referendum!

  3. The main cause is bad administration by the government, because it has not been able to create unity in 150 years, but it has helped to increase the difference between the different cultures in the Italian territory.
    Now after continuous broken promises for respect of the Italian Constitution, and in support of the international law of peoples, but also of the individual freedom, it is time for a new change of course, with reference and respect for traditional values ​​of this area, Veneto.

    1. …Veneto, e sarà la nuova Repubblica Veneta, erede della tradizione della Serenissima Repubblica di San Marco: saggezza, buon governo, giustizia e libertà!

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